Corporate Members List

Contact Person: Joaquim Bernardes
Telephone: +27 76 325 8534
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Foundry

Supplier of stainless steel, steel, nonferrous and ferrous castings.

Contact Person: Sophy Morwasehla
Telephone: +27 11 762 2208/1239
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Casting in Stainless Steel and Special high alloy Steel. Machining, Drilling and tapping of Castings.

Malondi Foundry is the supplier of stainless steel and special steel castings of good quality. We pride ourselves with exceptional on time delivery and competitive pricing. We have a fully equipped mechanical laboratory and a well sized jobbing CNC machine shop.

Contact Person: Walter Whiting
Telephone: +27 31 480 7388
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Manufacturer of Semi-fabricated copper and copper-based alloyed extruded products. The foundry manufactures Billets according to various international specifications, predominately as feedstock for the extrusion plant.

NFM Primary Activities

With “Recycling” being the foundation of the business, the Non-Ferrous Metal Works Group is one of the major metallurgical undertakings in Southern Africa. Its head office and two production units are situated just outside the proximity of Port Natal, so as to gain maximum international exposure.

NFM is ideally situated to serve both local and overseas consumers of nonferrous semi-fabricated products and exports a significant portion of its extruded products across continents, covering destinations such as Australia, China, the Pacific Rim and the United States of America.

Non-Ferrous Metal Works was founded in 1947 (Jacobs, Durban) and still is a family owned and managed business.

NFM’s two manufacturing sites (ISO9001:2015) are situated 10km apart with the Casting Division located in Jacobs and the Extrusion Division in Prospecton, Durban.

NFM also has distribution centres located in Durban, Johannesburg, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, and Pretoria to adequately service customers throughout South Africa’s industrial sectors.

Contact Person: Jaco Wiese
Telephone: +27 33 397 5500
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Foundry processing 300t of brass, aluminium, zinc and plastic per month

PDC is a high pressure die caster of brass, aluminum and zinc components. They have 14 die casting machines ranging from 100t to 630t.

They have the ability to design and manufacture all their own tooling, alloy modifications, die casting, CNC machining and turning, powder coating, and assembly – a vertically integrated process offering a one-stop-shop to their customers.

Contact Person: Anton Kritzinger / Jacques Ferreira
Telephone: +27 14 538 1014
Email: / /
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Jobbing, Foundry

Rustenburg Engineering and Foundry was established in 1964 and has been operating in Rustenburg, North West Province as a medium-size iron foundry producing castings for original equipment manufacturers and end-users in a range of international material specifications.

Manufacturing facilities at Rustenburg Engineering and Foundry include a no-bake resin sand foundry for jobbing and short runs, a greensand foundry for production runs, and a fully equipped engineering workshop.

The foundry produces a variety of high integrity castings ranging from five kilograms up to 3 000 kilograms net weight.

The engineering workshop produces a variety of pulleys, flanges, couplings, and other OEM products to industry.

Contact Person: Trisha Govender
Telephone: +27 78 170 0452
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business:

Steloy Foundries (PTY)LTD is a Jobbing Foundry. We manufacture according to the patterns received from the client

Steloy Foundries Pty Ltd manufactures a full range of static and centrifugally cast components in Steel, SG iron and cast iron steel for use in a variety of specialised applications.

The cornerstone of our operations lie in our ability to serve diverse industries such as petrochemicals, pumps and valves, rail engineering, and power generation with specialist casting solutions and service excellence that provides immeasurable value.

Contact Person: Bronwyn Lyndon
Telephone: +27 79 127 3502
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Stainless Steel, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Founders and Patternmakers

Viking Foundry is a privately owned family operated ISO9001 certified business in the industrial heart of Germiston South in Ekurhuleni.

From humble beginnings, Viking Foundry has been able to offer quality and service to several large organizations and SOE’s, whilst still having a personal business relationship with small and medium businesses, coupled with a fast turnaround time at competitive prices.

Viking Foundry offers these services and capabilities in our fully equipped Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundries, such as – Large and Small, Jobbing and Production Run Castings on our Track and Floor Moulding Lines, Green-sand Moulding, Pattern Making and CNC Pattern Centre’s, CAD Reverse Engineering, 3D printing Capabilities, Heat Treatment and selective

in-house Non-Destructive Testing Lab.

We can cast up to –

7 000 kg in Cast Iron & SG Iron

5 000 kg in Chrome Iron            

4 000 kg in Steel, Stainless Steel & Alloys

1 000 kg in Bronze, Brass & Copper

1 000 kg in Aluminum

There is no casting too small.

Every department has fully trained and skilled personnel with the correct equipment and consumables to meet your requirements.

Should your company have any further inquiries or request a quotation please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

The Viking Team

Contact Person: Gary van der Elst / Moira Herbert
Telephone: +27 11 474 0220
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Aluminium low-pressure gravity and tilt die-casting foundry

Wahl Industries is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and has over 70 years experience in the gravity and tilt casting industry. Wahl Industries consists of three divisions – Wahl Aluminium, Regent Lighting Solutions, Regent Outdoor Furniture and Wahl Irrigation. The group operates an aluminium gravity and tilt die-casting foundry which produces a wide range of castings for the automotive, irrigation, catering, general engineering, furniture and lighting industries. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Contact Person: Andrew Wenger
Telephone: +27 16 362 0600
Email: , 
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Suppliers of different size chrome sands and coal dusts into the foundry industry

African Pegmatite has been a leading producer of coal dust and chrome sand for generations, with a respected reputation around the world. Our consistent granulation and even composition ensure reliable performance in your cast, grey, and other foundry applications.

Coal dust and chrome sand are essential to your production process, so choose the miller with the skill to improve the texture and stability of your end product. Our materials help reduce waste, imperfections and total production cost.

We offer customizable shipments to fit your budget, production schedule, and available space. Our chrome sand mixtures range from 40 AFS to 80 AFS. Visit  to learn more about increasing your revenue with better materials that make a better product.

Contact Person: Raoul Mieny / Simone Cloete
Telephone: +27 66 287 5585 / +27 82 410 1572
Email: /
Website: N/A
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Technical Abrasive Products

Cabocraft (Pty) Ltd is the agent for Weiler Abrasives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We specialize in the supply, manufacture, and development of technical abrasive products. Currently our repertoire of products includes, but is not limited to:

Cutting Discs, Grinding Discs, Swing-Frame Wheels, Pedestal Wheels, Mounted Points, T.C. Burrs, Off-Hand Grinding Wheels, Cup Stones, Precision Wheels, Flap Discs, Sanding Discs, Belts, Wire Wheels, HP Wheels for slab grinding, Roll Grinding Wheels, and a range of several machines.

At our core, we are Abrasive Specialists with a vast network of partners geared towards delivering solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Contact Person: Farah Swanepoel
Telephone: +27 83 363 9857
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Foundry Supplier

Contact Person: Joel Mutero
Telephone: +27 11 865 2845/1649 or +27 605 700 035
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business:Supplier of binders, coatings and other auxillary products.

FP Specialty is a South African company which is wholly owned by Forace Polymers from India. FP Specialty supplies to the South African foundry industry mainly binders and coatings, as well as other auxillary foundry products like slag coagulants, thermocouple tips and core glues. Most of our products offered to the market are manufactured by our parent company, Forace Polymers. Our organisation has got two warehousing facilities in Johannesburg and Durban respectively, making us to be close to 78 % of foundries in South Africa. At FPS, we pride ourselves in excellent quality products, competitive prices and short turnaround times.

Contact Person: Nicolene Breitenbach
Telephone: +27 11 271 6400
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: All foundries make use of abrasives, so all of them would be our target.

Grinding Techniques was founded in Chamdor (Krugersdorp) in 1981 with the aim of supplying specialised grinding products. Since then, our company has developed into an important force in the industrial abrasives market.

With an extensive range of high-quality cut-off and grinding wheels, specialised industrial and diamond tools and a wide range of surface finishing tools, you will always find the right product for your application.

Since 2014, Grinding Techniques is an important part of the global TYROLIT Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of grinding and dressing tools and a system for the construction industry based in Austria

With realistic minimum quantities, competitive production times, technological expertise and attractive prices we offer a complete package focused on service and customer satisfaction.

All products are manufactured locally in accordance with international standards (ISO, EN and OSA) and exported to satisfied customers all over the world.

Contact Person: Craig Bateman
Telephone: +27 66 247 7181
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Supplier

Innov-X Africa is the official distributor for Olympus XRF/ XRD and BELEC Optical Emission instruments in Southern Africa.

Backed by dedicated and highly skilled staff, who are passionate about customer service and ensuring the customer receives the most suitable solution for their specific needs.

Olympus handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers provide fast, nondestructive elemental analysis from magnesium (Mg) to uranium (U), from parts per million to 100%. Used on location for immediate results, the analyzers provide data that can help determine the next course of action, when and where it’s needed.

Contact Person: Pauline Arde
Telephone: +27 11 894 5255
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Processors of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

At Metal Connection we strive to supply our local foundries with a superior product, that is our core vision. Our core products are Blue Steel 242 Cast Iron Stainless Steel Shavings. All our products are processed based on the foundry’s requirements. Metal Connection prides itself by offering an excellent and superior product. A happy foundry is a productive foundry.

Contact Person: Candice Benton
Telephone: +27 10 612 6524
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Supplier

Pelagic Resources specialises in Global principal trading, Agency trading and Investments upstream into extraction projects in order to further develop the Company’s global portfolio of specialty mineral ores and alloys 

Principal Trading

Originating physical commodities and products from our diverse supplier base in Africa, we provide full supply chain solutions ex-mine gate, delivering products to global end use markets

Virtual Supply Chain

We offer end users and traders the opportunity to virtually extend their existing infrastructure for instant access to our African markets without the upfront investment in people or processes


Origination, development and execution of natural resource targets as proprietary asset development strategies or as co- investment projects with our operating partners.

Contact Person: Marius Steyn (Training and Product Manager)
Telephone: +27 11 230 4053
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Supplier of Abrasives

PFERD is a leader in the development, production, support and distribution of premium tool solutions for work on surfaces, including cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning and finishing.

Established in 1968, PFERD-South Africa is a major player in the abrasive industry within South Africa and on the African continent. The South African operation includes five Sales offices and services the entire sub-Saharan Africa. For over 50 years, PFERD-South Africa’s main goal has been to consistently supply industry with the highest quality products that offer the user maximum safety and

As a founding member of the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (oSa), PFERD is committed to producing high-quality products that offer the user the highest level of safety.


Contact Person: Quintin Starkey
Telephone: +27 11 864 5130
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business:

Supplier of Raw material to the Foundry Industry

SRC has been recycling since December 1994. Over the past two decades, the company has undergone a number of changes, with a ‘back-to-basics’ ideology in 2016 to ensure long term sustainability. Today SRC boasts a state-of-the-art recycling facilities in Johannesburg, more than 50 collection and delivery vehicles as well as over 50 employees. SRC services the greater PWV area and is centrally positioned to ensure timeously serviceability.

Contact Person: Portia Mgeyane
Telephone: +27 31 579 1361
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Manufacturing of ferrous and non ferrous

Umgeni Iron and steel foundry is a manufacturing industry of ferrous and non-ferrous iron and steel casting. Umgeni Iron Works started life in the late 1890’s as “Umgeni Engine Works, Foundry and Forge” and operated in the premises of an old cotton mill on the southern bank of the Umgeni River, some half a kilometer from the present site. In January 1919, Umgeni Iron Works was established under the “Old Firms Act” and took over the assets of the original company. Manufacturing at this time consisted of grey iron castings for farming, ship repair, brick making and general engineering applications.

Contact Person: Julie Wells
Telephone: +27 12 841 2424
Type of Foundry/supplier/core business: Industry Stakeholder

The National Foundry Technology Network (NFTN) is an industrial support programme aimed at equipping the South African metal casting industry, delivered by the Council for Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR).

The NFTN is funded by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) to achieve national objectives in this very important sub-sector, delivered by the Council for Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR), aimed at equipping the South African metal casting industry.

The mandate of the NFTN is to manage, coordinate and facilitate growth and transformation in the casting industry through focused interventions design d to support improved foundry competitiveness and the industrialisation of new technologies and products.

The NFTN technical advice and support is implemented at individual firm and industry (sector) level.

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