PED Certification, Lawrence van Rensburg: TUV

Lawrence van Rensburg: TUV


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It is becoming the norm for the PED certification being a standard requirement from customers such as Petro SA, Transnet and Eskom.

PED applies to the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of Pressure Equipment and Assemblies for the European Union. Van Rensburg’s presentation on PED certification spoke of the key aspects and compliance to the PED and highlighted the benefits to both the foundry and valve manufacturer of having PED certification.

Valve manufacture:

  • Trade passport for exporting
  • Only one set of rules to comply to for countries in EU
  • Product will be safer and reduce damage and liability claims
  • More competitive in the SA market (same methodology as SANS 347)

Material manufacture

  • Can certify own material for PE
  • Reduction in cost for having a NB inspector on-site for certifying material
  • PE manufacturers more prone to buy from certified material manufacturers with PED compliant material