The Institute accepts all those who are interested in the art, science and technique of founding in its various forms of metallurgy, melting procedure, moulding, pouring, diecasting, dressing of castings, heat treatment, patternmaking, costing and quality control, irrespective of academic qualifications.

The rights and privileges are the same in all grades of membership and include participation in all Institute activities, subscription to various official publications, preferential booking and reduced fees in all activities and services, preferential booking and reduced fees in all activities and services.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable in advance for the current financial year. 

Student Members (Younger than 25 yrs) R 125.00 per annum (incl. VAT)
Individual Member R 815.00 per annum (incl. VAT)
Corporate Members – Small Company:
1 to 20 Employees
R 3650.00 per annum (incl. VAT)
Corporate Members – Medium Company:
21 to 75 Employees
R 5400.00 per annum (incl. VAT)
Corporate Members – Large Company:
76 and Above Employees
R 7300.00 per annum (incl. VAT)
Retired Member R 350.00 per annum (incl. VAT)
International Members R 2500.00 per annum (incl. VAT)
Honorary  Member R 0
Lifetime Member R 0
  • All Fees inclusive of VAT and are per annum, payable in advance.
  • Affiliates will receive the bi-monthly publication of the Castings SA Journal.
  • Members who have not paid their membership fees 30 days before the Annual General Meeting of members for the Institute will not be considered in good standing and will therefore forfeit any membership benefits, discounts and opportunities.
  • Members not in good standing with the Institute, will not be eligible to vote, be considered for any executive position on the board of directors and/or considered to receive any consideration/compensation for services rendered to the Institute in their personal capacity. This includes  lecturing fees, access to advertising, technical information, career opportunities and tender notices.
  • Members who wish to change their membership status or wish to cancel their membership, must do so before the end of February in order to qualify for the relevant credits and/or discounts. This includes a large company downsizing to a medium company, individual members retiring and students either graduating or upgrading their membership status to Individual Foundry Member status. 


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